3 Benefits to made-to-order shoes

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1. Have you ever tried to buy the perfect pair of dress shoes? Chances are, if you're here on this page - you’re a fan of good shoes. Which means you likely may have tried to find the “perfect” pair of dress shoes. Those ones that are comfortable enough to wear anywhere but smart enough to go with you to the nicest occasions, too. Long lasting, hardwearing and fit better with time. Sounds too good to be true, right? It kind of is. This is why we stand behind made to order shoes. You could just go and get yourself a pair of trendy name brands. But, if you do that, odds are you’ll maybe wear them once or twice and get frustrated with the discomfort. So, that’s benefit number one of made to order shoes - they fit, and they fit well.

2. “WHERE DID YOU BUY THOSE!?” - Who doesn’t love it when you get a compliment like this!? That moment when you look up and realize your friend is admiring your absolute favorite pair of shoes. Going for made to order / custom footwear and accessories means that you stand out, you’re the best dressed at the party, the one who gets asked, where did you get those? And no matter what, you feel your best. Guaranteed, every time you where a custom made shoe, someone is going to stop you and ask you where they’re from (and you get to tell them it was a custom shoe, so there’s nothing else like it).

3. You don’t need a wardrobe full of expensive shoes. Make the right investments and let them fit you better and better over time. Custom shoes are more sustainable than ready made shoes, because they’re very intentionally crafted for you. You can choose the best materials, the type of construction depending on what you’ll use them for, and you can relax knowing that you have footwear to last a lifetime. You will only ever need a handful of classic styles, made your way, and any wardrobe is complete… for any occasion.


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